Don’t be Afraid

September 18, 2013 § 4 Comments

I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this morning and a friend had posted these questions:

“Have you ever endeavored to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but were afraid of doing it (for fear of rejection or criticism)? How did it go for you?”

My response was related to my husband and I moving to Los Angeles. When we made that decision almost two years ago it was terrifying  . We knew people wouldn’t be happy that we were moving. Two couples we knew had already moved away because of the call God had laid on their hearts and we knew our families would be sad that we would be so far away from especially when we started growing our family. As we let the news out that we would be moving to LA, people would tell us that we would hate it and be back if not in the first year that we would be back once we started having kids. 

The first six months were very difficult. I was lonely because I did not know very many people and we were struggling to find a church. We went home for the holidays and we had a two week break from LA. It was good to be with family and friends but I knew that LA was our new home. Once we got back things started to get better. We found an amazing church and a few months later my husband got blessed with a job he could grow in and provide for our family consistently. When God has plans for you he doesn’t always reveal the whole picture at once because we will try to get there on our own. God knows what He is doing when He calls you to a new place in life whether that’s a job, place to live; anything. Just trust God if it is something He has placed on your heart. 

One piece of advice/wisdom that someone told my husband as we were making our plans to move to LA was about risks. The gentleman said something like, everyone makes at least two major mistakes a year but why not take a risk. We knew if things went wrong we could always move back closer to our families but for now, we are where God has placed us and we are finding ways to be fulfilled. 

My advice is to not be afraid of what people have to say. Letting others dictate what you do never gets you far. Here’s a link to some great lessons we learned from Mr. Feeny from “Boy Meets World.” Take a look:


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