Yummy Recipes to Eat More Veggies

January 26, 2015 § Leave a comment

January is almost over and if you are anything like me, you made promises to yourself to eat healthier this year. You may have also fallen off the wagon a time or two; I know I have fallen off the wagon. It becomes exhausting to try to keep up the healthy eating but I try everyday to pick myself up and try again. I want to share some links to recipes that I have fallen back on to help me add more vegetables to my diet. These are all yummy and husband approved!

One way that I have added more veggies to my diet is to substitute carrots and sometimes cucumbers for chips. What a difference it has made for me. First of all, it’s cheaper to buy carrots than chips. Secondly, it’s better for you. Give it a try.

I have always liked vegetables way more than fruit. I’m not entirely sure where that comes from but this soup is yummy and full of veggies that I love: http://www.twopeasandtheirpod.com/vegetable-quinoa-soup/. It’s a great lunch for the week because it reheats well. The vegetable quinoa soup is also a good way to warm you up on those cold days. Another yummy veggie filled dinner I like to make to help warm up is this Turkey and Vegetable Skillet: http://reciperunner.com/turkey-vegetable-skillet/. It’s full of flavor and a variety of veggies. I would say this is one of my most favorite dinners to make because it’s quick and easy to make. Spaghetti squash has become a staple on my grocery list because it can be combine many different ways. You can add spaghetti sauce to it, add some cannelloni beans and sautéed spinach or my new favorite recipe, http://rufflesandtruffles.com/2010/09/spaghetti-squash-with-grilled-chicken-sundried-tomatoes-broccoli-and-peas/. You can make the spaghetti squash the day before or even earlier in the day for this recipe. I love all the veggies in this recipe. I would also like to note that I have never made it with the sun-dried tomatoes mostly because I forget to buy them at the store.

These next two recipes are great side dishes to go along with any dinner. You can even use the leftovers to put on a salad! Butternut squash has become a new favorite food of mine. I love to make this and use the leftovers on a spinach salad with balsalmic vinaigrette. Here’s the link: http://rasamalaysia.com/garlic-parmesan-roasted-butternut-squash/2/. Growing up in the South I have a huge love for green beans. I really like them cooked with bacon/bacon grease. That’s not always the healthiest way to eat them. When I found this recipe, http://www.therisingspoon.com/2013/05/balsamic-oven-roasted-green-beans.html, I was so excited. I make these at least once a week. So. Dang. Good. I actually never have leftovers of these green beans. Hubs and I gobble them right up.

Don’t give up on trying to eat healthier. I fall off the wagon because I have a sweet tooth. I try to keep better snacks around the house. I even keep a bag of chocolates for those moments when I am feeling weak. I try to limit myself to three chocolates, but I’m not perfect. I hope these recipes I have found inspire and help you to eat better and be a healthier you.

I’d love for you to share links/recipes you have found to be healthy and easy to make. Please share!


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