I forgot the sparkles

April 14, 2016 § Leave a comment

Not too long ago I wrote a post about how I was dealing with my infertility. Days after that post I unexpectedly lost my grandfather and I started back down the road of depression. 

My anxiety attacks have been flaring up like crazy. My jealousy has been warring against me. My longing to be a mother has deepened. 

In the midst of all this, I forgot about my favorite thing: sparkles. 

You will most often see me wearing some form of sparkles. It’s honestly my favorite accessory. I’ll take sparkle in most any form. I also prefer the sparkles to be pink. Clrearly, I’m very girly even at nearly 27 years old. 

How could I forget the sparkles? 

I forgot the sparkles because I allowed circumstances to take over for too long. Like most people, I get caught up in life and allow myself to be overwhelmed. I forget about the things that make me happy to be alive. I forget about what’s good in the moment I’m living. Sparkles help me to remember that there is good around me. 

God uniquely created me to love sparkles as much as I do. I think it’s another way He shows me that I matter because so many things sparkle. For instance, if you catch the light in someone’s eyes at just the right moment, it looks like they have twinkle eyes. Who doesn’t love that? 

It’s a daily struggle ya’ll to not give into the depression. My anxiety attacks don’t just go away.

For whatever reason, God gave me sparkles as a passion. It keeps me sane and fills my heart with gladness to find sparkles wherever I go. 

As go through your day, search for the sparkles in your life. I’m hopeful you’ll find it. 

Art doesn’t happen in a day

April 12, 2016 § Leave a comment

Almost a month ago one of my best friends came to LA for a visit.  We planned some fun adventure time downtown, ate some great food and planned an afternoon at The Getty.  She specifically wanted to go to The Getty for the exhibit “Woven Gold: Tapestries of King Louis XIV.” I obliged her request. 

Now, almost a month later I’m grateful we went to see this exhibit. It helped me to understand the process of creating on such a deeper level. My friend is a weaver and she was able to explain the process to me and point out details that not many would normally see. I asked her how long these giant tapestries would take to make. She said years. It takes years to weave a tapestry? We watched a video on weaving and talked more. I discovered through this and some minimal research of my own that it takes one weaver one month to weave one square meter

Think about that. 

If it takes one person, one month to make one square meter of a massive tapestry, why do we think we can make something happen in one day. At times we can make things happen at an expedited rate, but that’s not our everyday.  Looking back on my own life it’s the little moments pieced together that have me where I am. It’s also the little moments happening now that will get me to my future. 

So weary hearts rejoice. You don’t have to make it all happen today. It took years for a beautiful piece of art to come together even with the weavers working 40 hours a week. 

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