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As Patrick and I celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary we also celebrate the positive news and next steps we got from our doctor. Most of you didn’t know but we actually got our appointment changed to Sunday because our doctor was doing a procedure at the office on Sunday morning. She thought it would be a good idea to have our conversation then. It worked in our favor because Patrick wouldn’t have to miss work to go to the appointment. God has been faithful in this journey by showing us His love, grace, and kindness even on our darkest days. 

Now that I have filled you with anticipation, I’ll clue you in as to what’s next for the House of Southern:  

  1. I have to update my blood work because it has been a year since my last series of tests were completed. 
  2.  I have to go back on progesterone to get my cycles regular again.
  3. I have to do an HSG. Basically it’s a dye test to see if my Fallopian tubes are clear. 
  4. If HSG goes well then we will be doing some monitoring and clomid in July. 

Our Doctor was very hopeful as she talked us through results of tests and giving us the next steps. It was  wonderful to hear her positive tone. 

I’m so grateful for all your prayers, positive words/attitudes, and encouragements the last few weeks. There’s no gurantee that our fight is over but there are a lot of good things happening right. Please keep those prayers coming. You have know idea how helpful they have been for us. I’m praying for you too. No matter what God is faithful and my hope is in Him. 

I plan to continue to do my part with healthy eating and exercise because those are good things and it keeps the positivity going. Thank you to our family and friends for supporting us in this journey. Love to you all! Also, happy seventh anniversary to my handsome and amazing Patrick! 

On Marriage and Infertility

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Marriage is never easy. I would know because I’ve been working on my marriage for almost seven years (our anniversary is Monday). Patrick and I have been through a few trials already. 

When we got married we were both still in college. He had one year left and I had two years left. How we made it through those first two years still blows my mind. Both working our butts off to make ends meet and to graduate  with decent grades. Then as we approached year three of marriage we had been trying for a baby and also decided to move to LA. Oh man, we had guts then. We put the baby thing on hold so we could settle into LA. Patrick got an awesome full-time job after our one year anniversary of moving to LA. So when insurance kicked in Fall 2013 we thought it was the perfect time to grow our family. We were in for a surprise. 

Spring 2014 rolled around and I started nannying part-time. The mom I was with most often is a midwife. She asked one day if I had been to the doctor recently. I told her I had not been to the doctor and she suggested I go. The appointment I made after that conversation was the appointment I found out I had PCOS. 

Now, I have had some amazing women step into my life to give wisdom, advice and countless prayers since learning about PCOS. But my husband has been there through every appointment, every tear cried, every anxiety attack, every shout of anger, etc. Other than God, Patrick has been a constant in this journey. I’m so grateful for the trials we have already weathered because it helps us in our right now. 

Even though everything about growing our family seems challenging in this moment, I know we will get past this together. Lord knows we thought trying to go to college and have jobs making enough money to pay bills was a long shot. We thought surviving LA for one year would be a challenge. I’m hopeful that we can more than survive this infertility journey. I’m hopeful that we will overcome and expand the House of Southern in ways we would never have imagined. I love you, Patrick. Thank you for being an outstanding man and sticking with me through every challenge thrown at us. I’m grateful for your unconditional love. 

Embracing Elsa and Not the Dark Side

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Upon turning 25 I learned that I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Enter quarter-life/mid-twenties crisis. This was not how I wanted to start off my birthday in 2014. I was ready to figure out the problem, do the fix, and start growing our family. I feel like the joke has been on me the last two years. Just when I feel like maybe we are getting something to help it turns out to only be a little helpful or makes me sick and emotionally all over the place.

Now, here I am at 27, wondering what is coming next. Our pastor said in his message yesterday, “Your past doesn’t define you. Jesus uses it to fuel purpose in your future.” That message can be found here. Thank goodness for God’s grace that the last two years do not define my future. I had made a decision back in December that 2016 was not going to be anything like 2014 or 2015. I’ve taken serious steps to embrace my inner Elsa to no longer hold in all the anger and hurt I have been feeling about my fertility issues and even some personal issues that have held me back for some time. This has not been an easy task. I know that I have failed and exposed my dark side at moments because I lost self-control. Again, those moments of frustration and anxiety are not indicative of my future. I can, through God’s grace, choose to love, choose to be patient, and choose self-control. Choosing those things is not an easy task but when you are ready for things to be different you have to choose a different attitude.

I’m sure that there are still some trials ahead especially in my fertility journey. Holding on to all this anger has not gotten me any further in my pursuit of becoming a mom. Maybe it’s in this time I’m learning more about the characteristics of a mom but also learning more about the characteristics of God. As frustrating as things have been, I definitely feel like I am becoming more of my true self.

Scared of the Unknown

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Here we are about 12 days out from our next  fertility appointment. I’ve been trying to stay positive because we are getting the next phase of our plan. But honestly, I’m so scared for what’s next. I hate the unknown. I want to know exactly what’s going to happen before it happens. Life doesn’t work that way, though. 

Now, I know it sounds like I need to calm down. We will have more answers and a plan in 12 days. It’s challenging to remain calm when I’ve been actively trying to get pregnant for almost 5 years. I want to be pregnant like yesterday. 

Another reason I think I’m anxious for this appointment is that it is on our wedding anniversary. I’m one of those people that likes celebrating on “the day” an event happens like birthdays and anniversaries. I realize we can still make the day special by going to dinner and what not; but it doesn’t distract from the fact that I’m still scared about what will happen at the appointment. I am trying to remember it’s exciting that we get to continue our fight for our family on a day that is already so special to Patrick and I. Ugh. So. Many. Emotions. 

Thankfully, I can reach out to family and friends to be praying. I can be praying. God so graciously gives His Holy Spirit as a comfort and strength in times like these. So for those that pray here’s what I am asking:

  • Strength– Patrick and I cannot get through this on our own accord. 
  • Peace– I need this so I can get rest between now and the appointment date. 
  • Patience– This attribute is one I’m constantly working on. With patience I stay calmer and I can more easily choose love. 

Thank you for the prayers and words of encouragement. I’m thankful I don’t have to walk my road alone. I will definitely be taking advantage of my coloring books and reading some books here in the next few weeks to refocus when I’m feeling overwhelmed. Sending love to you all! 

Thoughts on Mother’s Day

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For the last 16 years Mother’s Day has been a challenging day for me. First, it was challenging because I lost my biological mom to cancer. Now, it’s because of my own longing to be a mommy. Though these are reasonable reasons to struggle with a day like Mother’s Day, I want to share some love to all the women in my life no matter what stage they are in.

To the moms: I don’t want to pretend I know all the struggles you go through as you are raising your children. I do know that I love and care for each of you. Many of you are praying for me as I am walking through my journey to motherhood. I am so grateful for those prayers. I’m praying for you too. I know motherhood isn’t always pretty. I am grateful that when I get to be a mom I have so many women that I can look to for wisdom. Thank you for being a role model in my life. Thank you for encouraging me to continue fighting for my own family. You are all near and dear to my heart.

To those struggling with infertility: I’m with you. I know it’s a road many of us didn’t expect to be on. The great thing is that we are not alone even though it often feels that way. I want to encourage you to reach out to friends or family on those tough days. When those emotions start drowning you call, text, Facebook message a friend. Be honest with what’s happening. Every time I’m honest with a friend about how I’m really feeling especially on those days the emotions are overwhelming me, I am met with love.

To ALL the women in my life: Each and everyone of young matter where you are in your life, (mom, working through fertility, married w/o kids, single, dating, etc.) you are valuable. Each of you show strength, vulnerability, compassion, grace, and beauty in such unique ways. I’m grateful for each of you. Don’t lose your sparkle because you think someone else has more value than you. Love to all the ladies in my life!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms! We need women like you to show us how to love unabashedly and selflessly. Thank you for all that you do for your families!


Saying Goodbye to 26

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Wow. I can’t believe my birthday is here again. Twenty-six went by so quickly yet so slowly. A lot happened this last year. Some good, some bad, and some ugly.  Twenty-six brought a lot of questions. Mainly, “where do I go from here?” Honestly, I’m still processing that question.

Emotions ran high this last year and I wasn’t even on hormone pills. I definitely had some struggles and lashed out in anger more times than I would like to admit. I’ve been working on processing my emotions better so that I am not lashing out at the ones I love. It is a process for sure. Choosing love over hate takes a lot more will power than you think. Our instincts tell us it’s okay to lash out because it’s our right to be angry. No one can take that from us. Let’s face it though, acting out in anger takes so much away from us. If that pattern continues, eventually, no one will want to be around you and you’ll lose respect of your friends and family. Personally, I would rather people want to be around me. My community helps me to learn and brings healing in ways I could never fathom. Choosing love is a much better way of life.

So what did I learn from my 26th year?

  1. Be honest. I remember my third grade teacher saying, “honesty is the best policy.” That statement has been so true especially this last year. Being honest with my community has brought so much love and support. I’m humbled by them.
  2. Choose love. Life is so much better when you show love to those around you even when you’re angry.
  3. Take care of yourself. I realize this sounds a little selfish, but I don’t think it is selfish. Taking the time to exercise, eat better, and finding a hobby you enjoy makes it so much easier to respond in love and to be honest.

Twenty-six, you were a year of self-realization and attitude adjustments. Thank you for that. After a year like this, I’m interested to see what 27 has in store. Whatever it is, may I stay honest and loving; may the friends and family time be joyous; may the Lord direct my steps even in the darkness.



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