On Marriage and Infertility

May 18, 2016 § Leave a comment

Marriage is never easy. I would know because I’ve been working on my marriage for almost seven years (our anniversary is Monday). Patrick and I have been through a few trials already. 

When we got married we were both still in college. He had one year left and I had two years left. How we made it through those first two years still blows my mind. Both working our butts off to make ends meet and to graduate  with decent grades. Then as we approached year three of marriage we had been trying for a baby and also decided to move to LA. Oh man, we had guts then. We put the baby thing on hold so we could settle into LA. Patrick got an awesome full-time job after our one year anniversary of moving to LA. So when insurance kicked in Fall 2013 we thought it was the perfect time to grow our family. We were in for a surprise. 

Spring 2014 rolled around and I started nannying part-time. The mom I was with most often is a midwife. She asked one day if I had been to the doctor recently. I told her I had not been to the doctor and she suggested I go. The appointment I made after that conversation was the appointment I found out I had PCOS. 

Now, I have had some amazing women step into my life to give wisdom, advice and countless prayers since learning about PCOS. But my husband has been there through every appointment, every tear cried, every anxiety attack, every shout of anger, etc. Other than God, Patrick has been a constant in this journey. I’m so grateful for the trials we have already weathered because it helps us in our right now. 

Even though everything about growing our family seems challenging in this moment, I know we will get past this together. Lord knows we thought trying to go to college and have jobs making enough money to pay bills was a long shot. We thought surviving LA for one year would be a challenge. I’m hopeful that we can more than survive this infertility journey. I’m hopeful that we will overcome and expand the House of Southern in ways we would never have imagined. I love you, Patrick. Thank you for being an outstanding man and sticking with me through every challenge thrown at us. I’m grateful for your unconditional love. 

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