May 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

As Patrick and I celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary we also celebrate the positive news and next steps we got from our doctor. Most of you didn’t know but we actually got our appointment changed to Sunday because our doctor was doing a procedure at the office on Sunday morning. She thought it would be a good idea to have our conversation then. It worked in our favor because Patrick wouldn’t have to miss work to go to the appointment. God has been faithful in this journey by showing us His love, grace, and kindness even on our darkest days. 

Now that I have filled you with anticipation, I’ll clue you in as to what’s next for the House of Southern:  

  1. I have to update my blood work because it has been a year since my last series of tests were completed. 
  2.  I have to go back on progesterone to get my cycles regular again.
  3. I have to do an HSG. Basically it’s a dye test to see if my Fallopian tubes are clear. 
  4. If HSG goes well then we will be doing some monitoring and clomid in July. 

Our Doctor was very hopeful as she talked us through results of tests and giving us the next steps. It was  wonderful to hear her positive tone. 

I’m so grateful for all your prayers, positive words/attitudes, and encouragements the last few weeks. There’s no gurantee that our fight is over but there are a lot of good things happening right. Please keep those prayers coming. You have know idea how helpful they have been for us. I’m praying for you too. No matter what God is faithful and my hope is in Him. 

I plan to continue to do my part with healthy eating and exercise because those are good things and it keeps the positivity going. Thank you to our family and friends for supporting us in this journey. Love to you all! Also, happy seventh anniversary to my handsome and amazing Patrick! 


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