New Update! 

June 2, 2016 § 2 Comments

Just wanted to share some good news with everyone who has been following us on our journey to parenthood. 

Yesterday I had my HSG, a dye test to see if my Fallopian tubes are open. Thankfully, that test went well and my tubes are open! WOOHOO!! It was a painful test but thanks to the hubs and some great friends I felt like I had an endless supply of gluten-free pizza, gluten-free cookies and ice cream. I’m feeling great today and praising God for the good news! 

Now the next step is being monitored so that we can do the baby making. Sorry, not sorry, if that’s too much information for some but I know many of you would ask “what’s next?” So there it is, folks. We’re believing and working toward expanding our family. God is faithful and we’re so happy for this good news this week! 

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